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At Laur Tech Equestrian Services we provide proffesional and correct equine massage services. Whether your horse is a grand prix competitor or backyard trail horse, is in need of rehab or just needs some relaxation. LTES is there to provide customized services for your equine athlete to keep them Healthy, Happy, and Performing at their BEST!

Owner, Founder and CEMT, Laura Lorentsen believes that the true key to sucess is a happy, healthy horse. Massage provides both a physical and mental release for our equine partners. Massage has many benefits for the horse from greater circulation, decreased inflamation to increased immune function.

Laura beleives in complementing proper and regular veterinary and farrier care with proper nutrition, training and MASSAGE!

Contact Laura for further details, more information or to schedule an assessment.

*Servicing Uxbridge and the Surrounding Area*

Phone: 647-234-2586
Email: OR

Laur Tech Equestrian Services provides quality routine, rehab and emergancy equine massage services.

Whether your horse is stiff and sore, has an upcoming competition or just deserves some TLC we have a massage service for you!

Some of the Services that we Offer:
- Massage Treatments (Indv. and Packages)
- Relaxation Massage (Indv. and Packages)
- Hoof and Leg Circulation Treatments
- Competition Packages
- Emergency Colic, Choke and other Relief
- Video analysis and Saddle Checks
- And More!

Laura also is a practicioner of Natural Horsemanship andOffers Training and Instruction through Lindsey Forkun Equestrian. Check our website for info or check out her website.

Visit her site for more details:


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