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From the moment Laura began working with horses she new she wanted to have a caareer in the equine industry. But where to start?

Laura has over the years worked with a variety of of different practioners of equine services ranging in methods, prinicples and outcomes. Having experienced so much diversity from trail/camp horses, QH Racers to Top Dressage Athletes, Laura has developed an appreciation for how the equine body functions and performs.

It is her goal to ensure that all horse are physically and mentally fit enough to handle the work and stressors of performing for humans.

To do this Laura enrolled in the Equine Massage Therapy program run by Sidonia McIntyre(Equinamity/Equine Rehab). After acheiving her certification Laura began working with horses that had specific problems, poor saddle fit, tight backs, pinched shoulders, Horses that encountered trauma etc.

But massage is not just for the injured horse, nor is it only for when problems occur. Massage is a proven method of injury prevention and promotes hightened physical and mental health in horses.

Laura really promotes the philosophy of "Setting your horse up for Success" This means developing routines or practices that enhance the performance and well being of your horse (Such as massage), so that when you ask them to do something they can do it!

It is also her belief that every experience should be a positive experience and therefore practises only positive and humane treatment of horses focusing on safety of the individuals and safety of the environment during all areas of the massage process.

Laura is also a staff Coach and Trainer of Lindsey Forkun Equestrian.

LFEquestrian promotes and provides positive partnerships through humane natural horsemanship.

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Laura is in the process of completing the Equine Behavior course  as part of the University of Guelph and OOL Equine Diploma/ Equine Science Certificate Programs. Laura has already completed Management of the Equine  Environment and Nutrition. Laura is working towards completing her diploma.

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