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Free Education Event on October 23rd!!!

November 16, 2011
On October 23rd LTES Travelled to Chestnut Hill Farm for a Free Education Event Hosted by Lindsey Forkun Equestrian.
The event included Seminars from a Chiropractor, Barefoot Hoof Trimmer and Our own on Massage Therapy and the importance of Stretching your horse.
I would like to thank LFE for having us, this event was such a sucess and I am glad to share some helpfull easy insights into maintiaing our equine friends.

Thanks for a Wonderful Educational Afternoon!

Lauera :)


June 14, 2011
Hey Everyone,

This is the opening of the new site. Hope everyone likes it. The site still needs a few updates but all will be completed soon.

A thank-you to my previous, current and future clientelle.

Good Luck to Everyone with your Equines,  contact me via the information on the Contact us page for more information.


Laura Lorentsen - CEMT

"Wishing everyone sucess in the Saddle and Out!"
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