Laur Tech Equestrian Services

New and Used Tack For Sale...

Here New and Used Tack will be featured for sale. If you have a new or gently used peice of tack that you need help selling, contact me and I can advertise it on this page. Please contact me for more info or to see/try out any products that are for sale.


Brand New Black lunge Whip! Purchased and then never used. 

Price $20.00 OBO

Blue Lunge Line, Made of Nylon 

Price $10.00 OBO

 Closed Front Jumper Boots, Black Size Medium. Fits small warmblood and larger.

 Hunter Green Package:
-4 Pony Polos
-Fly Bonnet
-All Purpose Saddle Pad

Price $35.00

Splint Boots Hind, Blue with Black strike pads. Velcro closure size small. Would fit small horse or slender tall thoroughbred 

Price $15.00 OBO

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