Laur Tech Equestrian Services


"I've enjoyed watching Laura work with the horses during treatments. She helped me with my TB gelding, Nifty, who had a fall on the ice during the winter. He was quite stiff and sore. Laura did massage treatments with him and showed me stretches to help him. He started moving better almost immediately and was back to work in a couple of weeks. I've also watched her work with several client's horses with the same results. Laura is really great with the horses - I trust her to do treatments even when I am not around as I know she uses her natural horsemanship skills to handle the horses, and I trust her professional judgement to do the right treatment. I reccomend her to all of my client's with horses that could use her services."
Lindsey Forkun,

Nifty, Lindsey Forkuns 2003 Thoroughbred Gelding. 

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